Laugh and the World Laughs with You​.​.​.

by Chest Rockwell



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"A band that never really have been a nice and regular fit into any category, blissfully ignoring regular conventions and expectations something of a trademark feature of their material. “Laugh & the World Laughs With You” is an EP that documents just why this is a band that is worth investigating in a good way, by exploring material covering a wide stylistic delivery but still managing to stick to their own particular sound. An EP and a band recommended to those who tends to treasure music made by bands that prefer to stay off the most well trodden paths, in particular those with a fairly wide taste in music."
--- Olav Bjornsen, (Norway)

"A bit like Voivod circa 1993 meets Tool and Radiohead respectively. At one point, I was reminded of ‘80s King Crimson. Odd time signatures and extended instrumental sections provide common ground for the prog-metal fan. The musicianship is excellent throughout the record."
5 star review
--- Vitaly Menshikov, (Uzbekistan)

"As fortunate reviewer of these crazy Kentuckians' past catalog of unpredictable high-grade art rock prog, it was with heightened anticipation that I spun this new disc... Mixes all Rockwell styles into a seething, forceful prog-metal stew. In a nutshell, this is some heavy ass art rock. Another winner!"
Rated 14 out of 16
--- Warren Barker, Progression Magazine

"I am glad that CHEST ROCKWELL are a band with enough balls to try to be different. I have to recommend this to anyone who wants to hear something different. It’s pretty affordable so I say go for it if you’re really looking for something unique."

"Fluctuates from being aggressive to being almost symphonic. Someone coined the term “noise-prog” and in the nicest possible way it’s a term that would not be too far from describing the music here. Raucous drumming under searing lead guitar lines, thundering bass and emotional expressive vocals all combine to make for a pretty heady mix. Younger prog fans will find much to enjoy here, but some of us older guys who get the urge to listen to something more edgy might want to give the band a listen. I like their sound a lot. If you are into the music of Mars Volta or Trail of Dead, Chest Rockwell will find a welcome spot on your CD shelf."
--- Jerry Lucky, Canada

"Good news to the band for a good job, a vein of gold in a coal mine. Excellent acquisition in specific genres." 9/10
--- Alfredo Tapia-Reel, Mexico

"A couple of years ago I wrote an enthusiastic review about Chest Rockwell's album Total Victory, which I recommended to readers of this site. I sincerely hope that some of you followed up the recommendation because perhaps then Total Victory will have given you as much listening pleasure as it has me. I can already sense that this latest offering of theirs, the EP Laugh And The World Laughs With You, is going to prove as firm a favourite as that excellent album. If you've not heard of the band before and are a fan of progressive metal, then this EP would be as good a place to start as any: it is worth checking them out!" 7/10
--- Alex Torres, Netherlands

"Chest Rockwell is an adventurous band, to say the least. On its new EP, Laugh & the World Laughs with You the Kentucky based quintet injects eccentricity and some beautiful post-rock dynamics into fundamentally hard rock foundations. Laugh is a quick and satisfying taste of Chest Rockwell's grand ambitions." 3/5
--- Jordan Blum,

"With their latest release, ‘Laugh and the World Laughs with You’, Chest Rockwell continues to show that they aren’t happy playing a one note brand of progressive rock music, with the end result being an attention grabbing entertaining sound."
--- CW Ross,

"It's a roller coaster ride of an EP, up and down in mood and tone, taking the box and blowing out a different side of it with each track. While it all sounds like themselves, each track sounds different and unique from the first. Each track shows off something else that they have that other bands either don't or don't have the guts to show off."
--- Exile From Conformity,

"There is more than enough in this EP for me to look forward to its successor in the months to come, and to award it a good three star rating. This is, in reality, a modern heavy prog album, interspersed with passages that, with careful thought and nurturing, can move this band into the sort of commercially fruitful territory" 3/5

8.4/10 - Laugh and the World Laughs with You...


released November 25, 2011

Recorded January 22nd & 23rd 2011 by Jon Craig at Java Jive Studios in Joelton, TN.
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jon Craig spring 2011.
Art by Matt Simone.

Josh Hines (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric sitar)
Nick Rouse (drums, percussion, piano)
Nick Stewart (bass, keyboard)
Seth Wilson (electric guitar, acoustic guitar)



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Chest Rockwell Bowling Green, Kentucky

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