Vs. the World

by Chest Rockwell

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"...succeeds in proving that the bizarre can be aesthetic, and that rock music has yet to iron out some roughness. The variety of styles can attest to the vitality of the music....a band that presents an original proposal." 9/10
--- Alfredo TAPIA-CARRETO (www.manticornio.com) Mexico

"good dose of creativity...Chest Rockwell is certainly a group to follow." 3.5/5
--- Jean-Pierre Lhoir (www.musicinbelgium.net) Belgium

"We find Chest Rockwell - Vs. “The World” utterly fascinating, very fresh and original and with a very nice distinctive stamp, and these qualities are four of the most important things for Merlinprog when we do reviews!"
--- Ulf Backstrøm (www.merlinprog.com) Norway

"The greater sense of ambition contained in this album is evident immediately. The band are willing to develop the material to a much greater extent than before. There are plenty of signs here of the potential inherent in Chest Rockwell." 3/5
--- www.progarchives.com

"Here's something with a refreshingly different approach. There's plenty of variation within this framework as moods ebb and flow from soft acoustic interludes to full blown rage and all points in between. The unique twists and turns keep a hammerlock on your attention, making for an adventurous and regrettably short 42 minutes. In summation, Vs. the World is very addictive."
--- Warren Barker (Progression Magazine issue 52)

"Just about the time you think you've got it figured out, it goes off in a different direction... there's just something about this album that keeps you coming back for another listen... this is a highly recommendable album that should have broad appeal to old-school proggers and youngsters looking for something different from the usual fare."
--- Fred Trafton (www.gepr.net)

"They claim they only sound like themselves, which is actually quite true, since I found it particularly tough to find any pointers. The main and distinctive characteristic is that the refrain-based approach to songwriting is cleverly and efficiently avoided. With a better production these guys can produce something really really big. Their creativity and ability to transform swarming ideas into concrete and solid pieces of music is impressive. Bear this name in mind! If you are into experimental music scoring high on creativity you definitely should check this out!" 7.5/10
--- www.dprp.net (Dutch Progressive Rock Pages) Netherlands

"The music chugs along without developing into verse chorus or symphonic structures. This may work to their advantage, and allows the band to meander without being annoying.... well done, but in a slightly crooked, offbeat way. Chest Rockwell vs. The World is a very interesting indie-rock experiment."
--- www.progressiveears.com

"The members of Chest Rockwell have done a very good job of showcasing a truly unique and technically accomplished sound. This band has made a concerted effort to stand out from the rest and establish its own place and musical footing in both style and compositional approach." 8/10
--- TAXI A&R (November 2007)

"All the changes in moods and styles on this album calls for some very structured songwriting to make it work. Fortunately the band are talented in that department; the creativity has been channeled effectively... this is an interesting release for music fans with a broad musical taste; and worth checking out for anyone defining themselves as just that." 8/10
--- Olav Björnsen (www.prog4you.com, www.myspace.com/haukevind)

"....these guys have a very unique sound and style. They play well together, shifting gears all the time within their compositions, going fast to slow, loud to soft and changing the mood in a heartbeat. I’d recommend Chest Rockwell to prog fans that are looking for something different that embodies the old and the new. This might be perfect to play to friends unfamiliar with the progressive genre, something to expand their listening palette."
--- Jerry Lucky, author of The Progressive Rock Files, 20th Century of Rock & Roll: Progressive Rock, The Psychedelic Rock Files (www.jerrylucky.com)

"...the album comes across as being indeed in many ways extraordinary. By and large, I find "Chest Rockwell Vs the World" to be a good release, but its overall originality pushed me to add half of a star to its rating. I think this recording was originally contrived to please two different categories of music lovers, and since that design seems to work fairly well, the band may indeed kill two birds with one stone, potentially." 5.5/6
--- Progressor (www.progressor.net) Uzbekistan

"...the variation in the musical expression is large - even within each track. An album full of dynamics and energy... Recommended to those of you who feel like exploring some new territory."
--- Tarkus Magazine 42 (www.tarkus.org) Norway

"...the CD feels like a concept album... this is an album for the prog..."
--- The IO Pages (www.iopages.nl) Netherlands

"Chest Rockwell vs. The World is a musical journey between genres. Acoustic, dreamy pieces flow smoothly into thrasher, head-banging music. This group works well together..."
--- Kimmi Rudolph (www.bitchinentertainment.com)

"Chest Rockwell Vs The World is a blast of fresh indie-rock wonderment full of interesting twists and turns...an engaging listen...succeeds in creating something unique..."
--- Barry Nothstine, Soul Frequency Radio (www.soulfrequency.com)

"...this is one of the more original independent rock albums that I have heard in a long time, and highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for something that takes a step outside of the box." 9/10
--- Michael Grillo (www.indiemusicstop.com)

"It's nice to see that there are still indie bands that are pushing the envelope."
--- Pete Pardo (www.seaoftranquility.org)

"The musicianship is solid, tight and fitting and the production sounds good... an interesting ride." 8/10
--- TAXI A&R (March 2007)

"...a climax, a turning point, energy, dynamics..."
--- Tyra D. Buburuz, CEO IMG Music Promotions Inc.


released March 2, 2007

Recorded July 28-30 2006 by Jon Craig at The Lair in Bowling Green, KY.
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jon Craig fall 2006. Art and design by Matt Simone.

Josh Hines (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass on track 6, keyboard, percussion on track 8)
Nick Rouse (drums, percussion, keyboard, backing vocals on track 5)
Nick Stewart (bass, keyboard, percussion on track 8)
Seth Wilson (electric guitar, keyboard, percussion on track 8, backing vocals on track 5)



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Chest Rockwell Bowling Green, Kentucky

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